Financing and insurance of Intermodal equipment

In today's uncertain economies, equipment assurance or even recovery might be necessary. For Financial Services / Insurance Companies, our expert knowledge of the intermodal equipment industry can often spell the difference between marginal and profitable transactions.  

Why wait to see what happens to your equipment portfolio? Mid-term assessment of a container / chassis fleet can help avoid surprises and catastrophe. Validate the existence, location, and condition of your portfolio before distress.

Consider the following services we provide . . . they can make or break a deal:

 I.Specification Review - New & Used Equipment

  • assure equipment life expectancy
  • sample field inspections of existing equipment
  • potential for technological obsolescence
  • possible “limited-use” status
  • maintenance requirements
  • technological shortcomings
  • compliance with regulatory bodies / certifications

11. Lease Language Review

  • maintenance & repair required of lessee during lease
  • redelivery locations - who pays redelivery depot costs
  • return conditions, especially acceptable inspection/repair standards
  • casualty provisions, and conditions for determining casualty

111. Market Analysis

  • fair market values / residuals
  • projected future values / appraisals
  • other potential lessees
  • re-marketing opportunities
  • positioning for higher FMV
  • assuring residuals

 1V. New Equipment Services

  • finding acceptable sources for new equipment
  • preparation of specifications
  • purchase contract negotiation
  • prototype inspections
  • management of change order requests

V. Equipment Inspections

  • quality control at factories
  • sampling of used equipment condition
  • notices to lessees of non-compliance with lease provisions
  • lessees' adherence to lease provisions
  • verification of equipment's existence
  • utilization / inventory audits
  • maintenance & repair audits - during the term of a lease
  • income and expense audits
  • mid-lease assurance of fair market values
  • pre-planning for re-marketing
  • supervision of delivery logistics

 V1. End of Lease Strategies

  • Insurance documentation
  • container chassis recovery and appraisal
  • equipment inspection to verify damage accountability
  • condition in light of lease requirements and FMV
  • true FMV appraisals
  • re-marketing alternatives if not pre-planned
  • acceptance on behalf of lessor - lessee buyouts
  • depot services negotiation
  • storage and handling services - audit and disbursement
  • coordination of re-marketing logistics
  • equipment sale and title administration
  • equipment control
  • re-marketing reports and accountability

V11. General Management Services

  • "turn-key" systems for day-to-day management  - purchasing, equipment status,
  • penalties, pricing, etc., or custom systems work as required